Azealia Banks Shut Down By A 14 Year Old In The Best Damn Way

“My memes are more relevant than you!”

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Azealia Banks is well known for her tangents on twitter. It seems every day she has a new target for her rants. Her rants aren’t exactly the harmless kind either. They tend to be full of downgrading words and phrases towards other stars. Why she goes off, especially on public media, is anyone’s guess. Maybe she feels the need to inflate her own eager?

You could even equate her to Twitter’s version of a playground bully. Put down others to make your own ego feel better. Azealia Banks recently targeted Beyonce on her newest album, Lemonade. The album has been hailed by many as one of the best artistic peaces to proclaim thoughts on racial and minority equality in recent times. It also is one of the most popular albums to be released recently among the masses.

People and critics have all raved about the fantastic message sent by Lemonade. Beyonce has recently received quite an amount of attention due to the albums success as you would expect. Yet Azealia Banks had something completely different to say. She put the album down and often commented how she felt about it on Twitter. She said that Beyonce wasn’t portraying the black feminism movement properly in the album.

She said how she’s instead shined the spotlight upon her own plights and not those of the movement. That’s not the only target Azealia has had on Twitter either, just the other night she attacked the former one direction member, Zayn Malik in her most recent rant. She accused Zayn of stealing lyrics from some of her own songs. She also then proceeded to throw racist and homophobic comments towards the artist.

Then enters Skai Jackson. She’s best known for a meme that’s quite well known. “When you meet his mom and she says ‘Oh so you’re the girl he’s always on FaceTime with’ but you got an android. Skai turned her attention towards Azealia however and told her she needed to simmer down. Azealia thought she had the fourteen year old star outdone however when she told her that kids should stay in the kiddie section.

Little did she realize this fourteen year old had some adult words to say. She responded to Azealia by tweeting, “A meme with 2.3 million Instagram followers. My memes are more relevant than you, now that’s sad. Now by Twitter troll.”  Azealia doesn’t seem to have a response to the roast and fans certainly seem to approve. Nice way to stand up for something Skai!