20 Craziest Things You Can Get On Craigslist

Craiglist offers a plethora of things: apartment rental listings, job listings and internet “rendezvous”. The website also offers a robust e-marketplace that offers some of the craziest things online. These 20 Craigslist ads are proof of that. This is a collection of probably the oddest classifieds you will ever read in your life. In fact, some of these ads read more like a horror movie than an actual sales ad. You have been given fair warning!

1 – Antique Hand Crank Women’s Vibrating Adult Toy

image 1

Oh my goodness me. I hope this guy understands why his wife doesn’t want anything to do with that thing. An heirloom that has been through 3 generations of birth canals?? I think I’m gonna have to pass.

If it’s not magical, don’t put it on Craigslist! We have standards!