Germany Set To Become Most Recent Country To Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

The legalization for private pleasure is not the aim and purpose of this legislation!

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In recent years studies have continually shown the medicinal benefits that come along with the use of marijuana to treat a variety of chronic diseases and ailments. Germany’s health minister confirmed earlier this week that the German cabinet has approved the use of medicinal marijuana country wide as soon as next year.

The new law is expected to come into effect as of this same time next year, although a set date hasn’t been confirmed yet. The plant’s biggest medicinal purpose lies in it’s ability to numb the feelings of chronic pain. Studies indicate this is largely due to the main active ingredient, THC, in marijuana that binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

This occurrence can also help elevate mood in depressed patients and even stimulate appetite in those who struggle to put down food. Several countries around the world have seen fit, in light of these discoveries, to legalize the medicinal usage of marijuana in order to help alleviate symptoms of common ailments. Australia and four of the U.S. states; Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, along with the District of Columbia are leading the way for this revolutionary change.

The four states have even gone so far as to take the next step and legalize marijuana for recreational use. This has also even helped these states generate tax revenue and create new jobs in a new booming field of industry. Studies have begun to show that chronic usage of marijuana is indeed safe, yet there is debate by many that chronic marijuana usage can lead to decreased intelligence and mental aptitude.

These beliefs are based on several studies that have released claims such as this yet there is no solid connection yet. Many political leaders are still cautioning the usage of cannabis however as they believe the drug needs to be studied in more detail before recreational use should become more commonplace. Germany’s drug commissioner Marlene Mortler is one such example of these people, stating, “the use of cannabis as a medicine within narrow limits is useful and should be explored in more detail… cannabis is not a harmless substance.”

She also said there are currently no plans to legalize marijuana for recreational usage in Germany. She remains steadfast on her stance that legislation is currently only going so far as to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes until further studies can be done and more data is retrieved. Wow, not so bad, huh?