16 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist

These weapons look like something straight out of Tony Stark’s laboratory. But all these weapons are real (I know…terrifying). Some of these are still prototypes though or have not been approved because of how dangerous they can be even to the ones using them (yikes!). If most of these do make it to the battlefield, you can be sure that they’re going to change the way we wage war and make peace.

1 – XMf25 Grenade Launcher

image 1

This bad boy is equipped with a laser rangefinder and an on-board computer. It can fire an HEAB (High Explosive Air Burst) and will be able to strike targets as far as 700 meters making it 300% more efficient than ordinary ammo. What’s really scary about the XM-25 is because of its rangefinder and how wide the ammos range is, you can actually hit enemies who are trying to take cover.

Robot wars can seem so far-fetched but we’re actually closer to the concept than we think