They Went To McDonald’s But Who They Saw Working There? I Can’t Believe My Eyes.

Madam Goh Gwek Eng, is the world’s oldest McDonald’s employee at 92! 

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Today the most common retirement mark for many seniors is at 65. Once a worker hits 65 they tend to begin slowly retiring or even just retiring all at once if they have the money saved back to do so. Yet Madam Goh Gwek Eng is showing that even senior citizens can still keep up as a worker in today’s fast paced society.

Madam Goh Gwek Eng may be getting on in years and has been through incredible historical events such as the Japanese Occupation, but she still shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. At the age of 92 Madam Goh Gwek Eng displays an energy in the work place many don’t see even in the youngest of workers. While the wrinkles on her face may tip you off toward her age, nothing about her demeanor or work ethic would ever suggest to you she’s well past retirement age.

With five children however it’s easy to see how the woman enjoys working so much. She’s no doubt been doing a great deal of work in the past years as her five children grew up. It didn’t stop there however as Madam Goh Gwek Eng has also seen ten grandchildren and even twenty great grandchildren. She was kept busy with her family as a housewife for most of her life.

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Yet she explains what eventually pushed her into taking work in the fast food business when she said, “Now that most of them are working or have their own families, the house is very quiet.” Boredom quickly set in after having such a busy schedule previously and she soon sought out help from a grand daughter to help her nail down a job. Her grand daughter came through and found her a job at the McDonald’s in Bedok Interchange, only a twenty minute walk from her home.

Madam Goh Gwek Eng fell into her new role in the kitchens of McDonald’s well due to her extensive years of cooking already. It wasn’t long before she was well able to cook anything on the menu and could be seen scurrying about the kitchen preparing food at a rate the belies her age.

Madam Goh Gwek Eng says she enjoys her work and that her coworkers are always very helpful with tasks she may have difficulty with such as carrying heavier objects or frying fries.  Madam Goh Gwek Eng says don’t expect her to be leaving anytime soon from the work force, “I plan to keep working for as long as I am healthy.” Well we wish her the best of health!