22 Stars Who Appeared On Grey’s Anatomy

Wilmer Valderrama will join a long line of TV actors who’ve appeared on the Shonda Rhimes series when he guessed the stars on Grey’s Anatomy. We can all agree that the show is indeed great that have some attracting stars as well. There are people that we forgot they were on the show but there are also those that we remember. Let us see the 22 starts that appeared on Grey’s Anatomy then:

1. Sarah Paulson


She was in ‘The Time Warp’ episode and we’d heard about the legendary Ellis Grey, who won the Harper Avery twice and created the laparoscopic Grey method for years. But it was not until Paulson takes on the role in the 1982-set flashback episode ‘The Time Warp’ that we get to see Meredith’s mother in all her glory as she and Richard.