Iggy Azalea Takes Beyonce’s “Becky” Statement Seriously… Isn’t Happy.

Iggy Azalea thinks that “Becky” is an offensive term and can be used as code for “basic white bitch”. Now that’s harsh.

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Beyonce’s talk about the infamous Becky in her hit album Lemonade, has come under scrutiny due to tweets made by Iggy Azalea as a racist stereotype. It was at first believed that the “Becky with the Good Hair” lyrics merely referred to a girl her husband. Jay Z, was having an affair with. This of course prompted paparazzi to frantically hunt out this supposed Becky in real life.

Yet there’s many others who have a second belief about the statement and they believe the first translation is inadequate. They believe it’s a reference to a code word used meaning white girls who are basic. Azalea supports that the term Becky is slang for “Basic White Bitch” and has certainly been no stranger to being called one herself a number of times throughout her rapping career.

Iggy stands by that the word is similar to many other such as “Ming Lee”, for asians and “Sha Nay Nay”, for africans americans in the fact they all try to generalize one specific race as a stereotypical name. Iggy has also indirectly accussed Beyonce of being racist against their white counterparts in tweets she has released in the past such as, “@phagmob generalizing ANY race by calling them one stereotypical name for said race. i personally dont think is very cool, the end.

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And also claims she knows the reference meanings of the word very well. She shows an adamant stance against accepting a word with insensitive or immature meanings such as what Becky entails with it in her tweet, “@rNicaRo to be called a generalized name that gained popularity as a way to describe oral sex and then generally white women. no thanks.

It was clear Iggy’s stance against the word was completely thought out and a lot of it was in response to a myriad of comments from others in the beehive that is twitter. She responded to posts about it over time and the tweets all seemed to be a reasonable stance Iggy had set out and clearly was and avid supporter of.

Iggy however has claimed she never directly meant anything hostile to Beyonce and wasn’t trying to call out her singing or anything. She claims the tweet was in response to other things and that she adores the new album and the circumstances that have unfolded from it since weren’t planned by her. Beyonce hasn’t done much of anything in response however.