20 Marvel Universe Villains That Are Totally Useless

A good villain has been expected to be important like any other heroes. But, the villains that are featured in the television do not always live up to their promise, sometimes they often leave us with a distinct taste of failure in our mouths. Who could possibly stand the trial for their crimes against humanity although that responsibility should be held by the writers?

Take a look at some of the useless villains that Marvel has ever come up with that in mind. Marvel may well feel the need to write a long apology for their mistakes after reading this:

1. Turner D Century


He is both bad and completely useless in the scene. Which asks a question on how he managed to come into existence at all? He is born as Clifford Michaels and was the son of a chauffeur who was later adopted by his dad’s boss. Michaels grows up with a hatred of everything new because of this. His greatest super-villain plot was to create a horn that would kill anyone under the age of 65 but he was soon stopped by Spiderwoman and Spiderman.