16 Memorable Movie Moments That Were Improvised

Sticking to the script is definitely not easy for many reasons. Taking the obvious shortcut by the actor is the main problem and there are so many scripts to memorize and there is only few time to do them all. The actor is way more concerned with expressing the emotion of the scene and the measly lines would be the second option to handle. There are times that actors take parts because they like the role but don’t really like the script. Sometimes, all they think is that their own ideas can improve the production and they’re right about it.

There are some circumstances in the scene that has been made up. Supposedly, they are not of the scene but the director loved it and kept it in the film. The amazing about it is how some of these ad-libs overshadowed the rest of the movie. Some has been improvised at the high point and that is the clearest thing you remember. The finished production might have failed without the actors taking risks.

Some actors built their careers around improvisation. They were stand-up comedians before becoming actors and they brought their improvising skills with them. Others may surprise you especially the serious types who seem to play it by the book.  Let us see some legendary improvised movie scenes we’ll never forget:

1. The sneeze in Annie Hall


The 1977 Best Picture winner “Annie Hal of Woody Allen” was charming and hilarious. The sneeze of Albie during the coke scene was completely unplanned and added an element of slapstick comedy that the viewers surely loved.