13 Hit Songs You Didn’t Know Prince Wrote

Minneapolis’ favorite son was surely a whirlwind of creativity that knew no bounds. He is the purple-minded genius releasing dozens of albums on his own but also mentoring and producing dozens of bands like the dirty-minded girl group, Vanity 6 and synth-funk dynamos the Time. His songs became massive pop hits for star and he turned his personal treatises on sexual persona, spiritual angst and social unrest into a universal art that spoke to millions no matter their race, class or gender.

There are few pop artists over the past four decades were as universally beloved as Prince. Let us check some of the best Prince songs that became hits for others:

1. Vanity 6 “Nasty Girl” in 1982


The Vanity 6 got the wheels greased with Nasty Girl four years before Janet Jackson converted “nasty” from a pejorative into a positive. The 1982 single was actually the first and only hit by the Prince-assembled girl group. Prince also wrote and produced the track whose sleazy pleasures were tailor-made for the dance floor as well as the stripper pole.