15 Artists That You Need To See At Coachella

The highly-anticipated Coachella line-up was recently announced and everyone has an opinion of course. We actually have got some opinions of our own. Don’t worry because they don’t involve bashing other artists or making fun of Drake. So whether you know and love the listed artists or it is your first time hearing of them, you should check out this list of 15 great bands and you might find a new favourite!

1. Father John Misty


He was born as Joshua Tillman and known as Father John Misty AKA J. Tillman. He is former member of both Saxon Shore and Fleet Foxes. He set out into the musical world on his own in 2012 adopting the moniker Father John Misty. His music is much like his personality that is eclectic, raw and much the same as him. It doesn’t take itself too seriously though.