20 Awesome Movies To Watch With Your Kids

You must be careful with what you are about to show to your kids when you’re choosing a movie for them to watch. Their age is still very impressionable which is why, this list provides some movie that don’t contain any violence or overly-suggestive humor. There are a lot of genre to choose from that you give and watch with your kids. There are different magical movies that are not abstract, scary and contain much violence. It is also informative and can make a 10 year old understand every detail on it.

Kids will surely love to laugh and might improve their humour but at this age, it is also advisable to let them watch to some realistic movies. Not every parent is comfortable letting their kids watch modern action movies like Captain America or Batman vs Superman. But, kids need to see one blast from the past because they need to see the classics as well.

1. Goosebumps


The beloved series of Goosebumps of R.L Stine finally made it to the big screen, and who is better to star in the movie than Jack Black? The film runs only 1 hour and 45 minutes long, so if you need a quick flick to throw on for your kids then you’re good to go.