20 Cutest Pictures Of Jay-Z And Beyoncé

Being famous have lots of perks, and that’s why most people are trying hard to achieve that kind of power in their lives. And more often than not, it comes by so fast and you need to make the best of it while it last. But some, well, they do like to chill, but something tells us that they may sometimes have fun too much and gets the most they can, and only a handful gets what they deserve.

1. Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Cutest Pictures #1:  When they took this selfie


“My happiest moments weren’t complete if you weren’t by my side”

—Beyoncé, “Dangerously In Love”

We probably shouldn’t say anything when they’re together, since we might as well may not be heard, because all they can hear whenever they’re together is their heartbeats…. Okay, its waay too cheeky.