23 Reality Stars Who Were Arrested

Being famous have lots of perks, and that’s why most people are trying hard to achieve that kind of power in their lives. And more often than not, it comes by so fast and you need to make the best of it while it last. But some, well, they do like to chill, but something tells us that they may sometimes have fun too much and gets arrested for it. Seems like being famous cant really do much when it comes to the police. We have here 17 celebrities that seem to just ran wild!

1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Trial

Can we all agree that no list of trainwrecks are complete without Lindsay Lohan? Well, we might be hearing a yes. Back in 2007, the child star was arrested by California Police for driving under the influence a mere two weeks after she got out of rehab. A breath test revealed that her BAC registered between .12 and .13, well above California .08 legal limit.