20 Most Memorable MTV VMA Moments Ever

The Video Music Awards have thrived on being the unpredicted younger sibling of America’s award show family since their debut in 1984. The fact still remains that they will be 31 years old this year and it has not slowed down their penchant for causing headlines and shaking up the pop music world. Let us check some of the most memorable events on MTV VMA:

1. 20 Most Memorable MTV VMA Moments Ever # 1. Marilyn Manson Performs ‘The Dope Show’ With Kissing Cops in 1998


Marilyn Manson entered his androgynous glam phase with the same eye for provocation that he used in his shock-metal days and his performance of “The Dope Show”. It was a pretty “random” show to be honest, but it will stick in peoples memories forever!