19 Secrets You Were Not Told About Space…

The outer space is one of the most mysterious and ever unfathomable gift humankind has ever received. We often gaze and marvel at the beautiful stars and the space right above our head and we often try to imagine and understand the mystery of space and time, but the same just can’t be enough for us to grasp. As a result, few bright minds came up with mind-bending theories and facts about the universe. Want to know all about it?

Check out these 19 Secrets You Were Not Told About Space:

1. Unidentified Object


About 12 million light years away from Earth is a starburst galaxy called Messier 82. What you weren’t told is that some astronomers received strange radio waves that were said to come from an unidentified object in Messier 82. What does this signify? Probably life.