12 Amazing Facts About NASA

There are many organizations around the world that are as cool as can be, with people who are well-versed in knowledge of things that we didn’t know actually exist, like people from the Spy Museums and the like. Perhaps one of the coolest organizations in the world would be NASA. They deal with space, the great beyond, the environment beyond the earth’s atmosphere. You’d probably expect that they make no mistakes when it comes to certain things, but they really are like any organization in the world. They make mistakes from time to time, but that’s all overpowered by the cool things that they can do. Here are some fun facts about NASA that get us knowing about them a little bit more, and finding them cooler than before. You’d be surprised about some of these.

1. The Vehicle Assembly Building

the vehicle assembly building

Have you ever encountered a building so huge that it basically has it’s own weather forecast? Well, NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building is just that. This is due to the building having colossal air conditioning systems, the biggest in the world, and therefore the humidity in Florida would end up causing the rain clouds to form close to the ceilings.