20 Overly-Attached Couples Who Were Busted In Public

Ah, couples. For the taken ones among us, good for you guys, for the single folks, it’s still good too. We live at an age where couples are not afraid to get affectionate with each other. In fact, there are couples who tend to get a little over the top with their being affectionate that well, the only thing left for them to do is to get a room where they can continue their activities, you know what we mean. Before reading on, keep in mind that the images can, CAN, get a little racy, but don’t worry, we’ll try and censor everything on here. These overly-attached couples have been caught in the act, with photographic evidence.

1. Bathroom Lip-Lock

Couple PDA

The bathroom is another place where couples go to get busy. These two just couldn’t wait to go home to continue on with their lip locking. But, isn’t it hard to get into it with the smell of the men’s bathroom? What makes this hilarious is the face of the guy who caught them.