Travis Barker in Kocktails With Khloé

What an interview!!!


Travis Barker remembers his terrifying plane crash during his appearance in Kocktails with Khloé this week.

The hot of the show Kocktails with Khloé starts the show with actress Lauren Ash of Superstore and living #TBT Tia Mowry-Hardrict of Sister this week. We have to admit that many are hype as all get out to see Tia on this program since a lot of viewers are forever fan and know she was just over the moon to get this call from her little overworked agent. The remarkably strained relationship she has with her twin Tamera Mowry was also fascinating. There are just so much to unpack with her life and we are happy to have a front row seat to the journey.

Khloé Kardashian kicks off her show by reading tidbits about Lauren’s crazy dating history. Doing so leads Lauren into talking about a 16-minute date she went on with a racist, homophobic and transphobic douche bag. She also talks about her current dating app cleanse and Khloé mentions creating a fake Ok Cupid profile with Malika. Khloé found that dating apps don’t ask enough questions about your soul from this experience so it’s hard to find a good match. Tia knows many successful marriages where the two have met on dating apps on the other hand.

Aside from being an actress, Tia is likable enough to have a celebrity cooking show ‘At Home with Tia Mowry’ and brought turkey meatballs for the group to enjoy later. The group talk healthy meat alternatives for a moment before turning the conversation to racism and children. Both v and Tia have multiracial immediate and extended families so they agree that racism is taught and the kids in their lives are fortunate enough not to understand the concept.

The eternal bae Travis Barker enters as the group moves to the living room not long after.


Lauren Ash is a fan of Travis and Blink-182 and her joy of being right next to him is palpable. We can only imagine this is how we would feel if we were invited to be on the same show and sit next to our idol for 45 solid minutes.

Travis Barker and Khloé are neighbours so they talk about that for a moment before getting into Travis’s book TITLE. He talks about his life and the plane crash he was in in 2008 in this book. it is amazing to see Travis talk about his horrifying experience and how his children lifted him up during his recovery.  What we apparently never knew is that Travis was so badly burned on his legs during the plane crash that all of his tattoos were removed and he hopes to get more in the future

Khloé plays Dear Khloé to lift the moment up a bit and she has the group answer questions from Twitter fans just like last week. Khloé was asked about her first kiss and she admits that she doesn’t remember the guy and thinks it was behind some sketchy building on the OC Boardwalk.