Do You Remember these Star Athletes? They Are All Flat…

Athletes have relatively short careers and whether they like it or not, this has a devastating impact to them. As far as star athletes are concerned, we’ve seen a lot of them shine during their prime and sign staggering millions of dollars. Unfortunately though, not all of them were able to live a comfortable life after retiring from the league. Take into consideration taxes, agent fees and huge amount of amount to be spent mending injuries. Well, that even excludes money spent on ridiculous vices and illegal substances. Do you remember these star athletes?

With their fame and fortune fading into oblivion, they are all flat broke today. Check them out here:

1. Mike Tyson


Who doesn’t know this man? At least you may have heard of how great a boxer he was. He was a legend and he amassed millions of dollars from salary, bonuses and from brand endorsements. However, Tyson got his hands in a lot of controversies and spend more than he has. As a result of overspending, he owed a debt of $27 million! Now, he’s practically a joke. Although he tried to get himself back up, he never really amounted to his former success.