Couple Jamie and Jools Oliver will be having their fifth child

Congratulations to the couple!!!


It is a wonderful gift for every parent to have a child. No matter on what number that child is. To a parent, having a child means heaven. Even if it is the first or the hundredth, the love a parent have for their child in incomparable. It is magnificent. And the celebrity couple Jamie and Jools Oliver are very lucky to have an addition for their family as Jools announces to the world that she is pregnant with their fifth child!

Jamie Oliver welcomes his fifth child as his wife Jools announces her pregnancy. Jools Oliver has a bun in the oven for a fifth time after the wife of TV chef Jamie revealed she is pregnant again and the 41year old is delighted to be expecting another baby after openly admitting she would like to expand the Oliver brood in recent years.

Now Jamie and Jools who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last year will be adding to their family which already includes the 13 year old Poppy Honey Rosie, 12 year old Daisy Boo Pamela, the 6 year old Petal Blossom Rainbow, and their 5 year old son Buddy Bear Maurice.

The Eddie Eagle film premiere in London that Jools attended was the place where she announced her pregnancy. Her friends said that she has been delighting and blooming in recent weeks after the pregnancy was confirmed and the baby is due in August.


Jools and Jamie meet each other when they were both teenagers. She said she was biding her time before having another child back in 2012. She told the Red magazine that she wants a fifth but she know it would be wrong. She never gets any time to spend with Jamie as it is and he said they should give it a couple of years, and then maybe they can think about it.

Jamie also told the same magazine back in November 2014 that she is 40 in about ten days and he took her out and she goes ‘OK are we going to have another kid then?’ the he would say ‘You what?’ He added that the woman wants another baby so watch this space. He also joked that with all the power in his body, they are not having another baby.

Jools appeared to have talked Jamie into trying for another child in January 2015. The former model was speaking about her child’s clothing line Little Bird and she said that there is this Moses basket she designed that she haven’t been able to test personally yet and it would be nice to put it to use.

Jamie said in another interview last August that he is happy with my family as it is, but he know Jools would like to have another and they will see. This week is the second big piece of news for Jamie and he was celebrating on Wednesday after a sugar tax on fizzy drinks was announced as part of the Government’s Budget