The 19 Richest American Idols – You’ll Never Believe Who’s Number 3

Over the past decade or so, American Idol has become one of the most-watched shows all over the world, it’s success allowing franchises in other countries to be made, regardless of whether or not they did successfully. They gave us superstars, they also gave us the infamous ones, but they also entertained us, especially during the auditions alone. Now that the famous talent search show is set to say its goodbyes after one last season this year, we’ll recall some of the people that were once contestants that have turned into music superstars since their time. We’ve gathered some of the highest-paid former American Idol contestants, in no particular order.

1. Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood

Starting off this list is former AI winner Carrie Underwood, who won in the show’s 4th season, and is now one of the top country singers in America. Four albums, her 2012 album “Blown Away” hitting platinum, as well as constant tours and her many endorsement deals. In just 5 years alone, she was able to earn up to a whopping $83 million.