Lucy Lawless finally talks

She finally talks!!!

Ash vs Evil Dead

Dendites might not be the deadliest force Bruce Campbell faces in Ash vs Evil Dead after all and it may be Xena herself.

The Rotten Tomatoes sat down to lunch with Lawless before Starz presented their Ash Vs Evil Dead panel to the Television Critics Association over the summer and many fans couldn’t wait to find out how she’s going to give Ash more hell than he’s already been through

She was asked if she were ever interested in The Evil Dead before she married Rob Tapert and she said that there was some talk about it for the last 10 years. Rob is kind of the television guy so he would want to do it in the television format. Fans have very high expectations and you don’t want to let them down. She thinks it was just time now because Bruce was of the age where it was now funny to go back and find Ash exactly where they left him.


Lawless admitted that her are very forgiving and she don’t get any negativity about not playing Xena because every role cannot be a feminist icon. Sometimes you want to play the victim and sometimes you want to play somebody who’s weak. Her fans seem to stick with her throughout so she is very grateful for that.

She appeared in the first episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead as she admitted. She said that she was a fin as Jaws or a shadow. Her character is obsessive about getting to Ash Williams and putting him down like a dog because he’s responsible for the deadite plague. She holds him responsible for the death of Professor Know by, who was the original holder of the Necronomicon back in the movies and was her father. So she lost her family and she is looking for payback.

Another question if would she be drenched in blood and she said that she is the one character so far who has managed to avoid that but she will come in contact with a pretty horrible bonfire at some point.

The Rotten Tomatoes said Sam Raimi likes to throw eyeballs in leading ladies’ mouths so she should watch out. She just laughed and says that the show is like throwing eyeballs in ladies’ mouths and it is going to shock the viewers. It is really distasteful but they don’t apologize and really funny.

Which make us wonder if she will be funny too? But she said no and the thing with the show is that nobody can occupy the same space as Ash. Bruce Campbell is a force of nature and a beloved and brilliant performer. You have got to play it really straight since you can’t have two Bruces in a show and everybody else plays it really straight and therefore it is funny.

She admitted that she love to do a modern day film after doing historical drama recently with Salem and Spartacus. She thanked the show since she wear a lot of tight pants in this.