21 Images Of Kim Kardashian’s Past Relationships

Kim Kardashian is famous for her relationships, especially her marriages. Strike that, she is especially famous as a result of her sex tape with a former boyfriend and then she became famous for her relationships after that. Here are some pictures that take you back to the men in her life before Kanye.

1. Her First Marriage

Photo from People

What you may not know about Kim Kardashian is that she was actually first married at a very young age. When she was only 19, she had eloped with Damon Thomas. Damon Thomas was a music producer that she had married in 2000. Thomas filed for divorce in 2003. Kim Kardashian stated later that the marriage ended because Thomas had both physically and emotionally abused the young socialite. There are not too many pictures of this couple together, mostly because this was before the paparazzi cared about her.