The Martian movie hopeful for the Toronto Film Festival

What a movie!!!


Many people have been predicting The Martian to win a bunch of Oscars in my early looks at the race for months and many felt the nominations would go didn’t necessarily reflect that but rather what I thought the ideal performance of this interesting title could be. We wound up moving it down a bit in my predictions in advance of its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in which proved to be an odd choice as the early word was rather terrific for the flick. It definitely seems to be a contender even if winning seems unlikely now.

Comparisons to something like Apollo 13 really do make you stand up and take notice at the same time as well and could this go where something like the vastly underrated Interstellar could not last year?  Let us take a look for that one.


This is once again a quick primer on The Martian. The story is pretty straightforward at the start with the question what if an astronaut was accidentally stranded on Mars. That worst case scenario comes true for Mark Watney as Damon when his crew led by Jessica Chastain thinks he’s been killed while on the Red Planet and takes off for Earth. But he was just injured but  still alive and Mark has to use his science skills as a botanist to figure out how to survive for literally years until something can be figured out with supplies for a short period of time.

NASA goes from assuming he’s been lost to wondering what can be done for him and his crew-mates formulate plans of their own back on Earth. Drew Goddard penned the adaptation of Andy Weir’s novel while Ridley Scott directs. The star studded cast includes Sean Bean, Jeff Daniels, Mackenzie Davis, Chiwetel Ejifor, Donald Glover, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Sebastian Stan and Kristen Wiig in addition to Damon in the lead role and Chastain in one of the main supporting ones. Dariusz Wolski managed the cinematography while the underrated Harry Gregson-Williams handles the score and the ingredients are all there, and apparently the mixture is up to snuff.

Godard being excellent as well and that is nothing to sneeze at so perhaps we have been on to something by backing it for Oscar early on?

This seems like a contender in certain spots and possibly even a nominee in Best Picture, ultimately but probably not a winner. The mainstream audiences could embrace it in such a way that it becomes one of the rare science fiction nominees in the big categories if the more artistically inclined TIFF audiences vouched for it as a lot of fun even if it is still early. And this is definitely possible as well if ever American Sniper could go from middling festival word to all of its nominations. Whatever the case is, a lot of people were expecting and know the film is indeed great and wonderful.