Richard Gere is a candidate for best actor award

2Can he win the award???


We saw Richard Gere give an absolutely fantastic performance in the movie Time Out of Mind at the New York Film Festival and many thought that Gere gave one of the best performances of the fest and would surely be in Oscar contention if the film came out. It was decided that 2014 wouldn’t be his year and instead Oren Moverman’s flick would be a 2015 release after some apparent hand wringing and Gere and Moverman now enter this awards race this time around with a release date on Friday as such. Gere definitely deserves consideration by the Academy even if he may remain a dark horse or even a long shot.

The film is a look at a homeless man on the streets of New York City and Gere plays an older gentleman down on his luck named George who goes from squatting in an empty apartment to the sidewalk to a homeless shelter and never quite sure what is next. Every single day is a struggle for him with him having a daughter he wishes he could reconnect with and fellow homeless folk who he considers a friend. Gere is captivating in the lead role while Moverman co-writes with Jeffrey Caine and directs as well. The cast also includes Jena Malone and Ben Vereen as well as basically cameos from Steve Buscemi and many more in addition to Gere

The central thing to praise is undoubtedly the work of Gere and there are a lot of things to like about Time Out of Mind. He makes it a stripped down performance despite this being an opportunity to show off and never does it feel showy or artificial which is no small feat.

Richard Gere and Ben Vereen spotted shotting scenes as homeless men for their upcoming movie 'Time Out of Mind' in NYC

Gere is a rather underrated actor and it is the sort of role that you wish he got more often these days. you know it happened to be a passion project for him since he wanted to make this film for years and is actually a producer on it as well and all of that passion went towards making the best movie possible, one fueled by his very strong acting luckily.

It will definitely be an uphill battle for this particular contender awards wise and it is also worth making note of. The filmmaking work of Moverman is also worth giving  thumbs up to for sure and he’s always a visually interesting director having previously done The Messenger and Rampart and an underrated writer as well in contention this year for co-writing Love & Mercy so when he gets to do both you usually have much to appreciate

Bobby Bukowski made the cinematography that is striking in how observant it is while Moverman’s direction attempts that at all turns. His script has to take dramatic turns at certain point but by and large that’s avoided and all in the name of making something that feels real and providing Gere with the tools to do the most honest work of his career so far.