19 NFL Stars Who Were Already Rich…

Truly, the NFL is one of the places where one could amass a huge amount of fortune. But of course, you would have to really be extremely strong and talented to do that. While there are a lot of NFL players who started from scratch and eventually ended up being filthy rich, there are those who were already lucky from the very beginning. These are the stars that were already rich even before they joined the NFL. Let us take a peek at some of these NFL Stars who we consider as really very lucky.

1. Peyton Manning

1 Peyton Manning

For those who don’t know who Peyton Manning, he is currently the quarterback for the Denver Broncos who was formerly with Colts. He is also one of the best and talented NFL players around having 14 Pro Bowls, 5 MVP awards and a Super Bowl as an added feather on his cap.