The best cinematography in “Sicario” of Roger Deakins

This is one of the best!!!

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The cast of the film includes Josh Brolin and Emily Blunt, as well as Benicio del Toro along with the supremely talented director Denis Villeneuve at the helm and the legendary DP Roger Deakins handling the cinematography and there is so much talent behind the film Sicario that it is almost scary. The movie has a limited release this weekend and many people can vouch for it being excellent. It is currently one of the ten best things that I’ve seen so far this year as a matter of fact. In no small part to the always excellent work from the legend that is Deakins and 2016 still has a long way to go but this is a memorable flick. He got another shot to be in the running working again with Villeneuve after Prisoners.
The movie is a thriller about the efforts to win the war against drugs on the border that separates the U.S. and Mexico from each other where Blunt is an idealistic FBI agent in Arizona who is recruited by Brolin’s government agent to take part in a task force to stop one of the more brutal cartels and along for the ride is del Toro’s shady character who might have ulterior motives for taking down these dangerous men.


Nothing will make sense initially but it will in the end and that’s the case for the audience as well and this movie that happens to have a dark sense of humors running through it as well a bleak movie at times. It features sudden and shocking violence and a sense of nihilism about the fight at hand, a determination not to go the Hollywood route as well even if this is not a feel good flick. Sheridan and Villeneuve are sure handed in how they put the material forward and it won’t be for everyone. It does not hurt the main trio of Blunt, Brolin, and del Toro are so watchable and Deakins’ cinematography is to die for and it really helps in making Sicario the success that it is especially when it comes to Deakin. Making use of night vision and a bit of CGI makes this film his most high tech and modern visuals to date in addition to his normal and excellent bag of tricks.

This might be a hard sell to the Academy awards wise and there are a few spots where it really does have a chance. It is obvious that campaigns will be put forward in Best Picture, the Best Director for Villeneuve, the Best Actress for Blunt, the Best Supporting Actor for Brolin and especially del Toro. The  Best Original Screenplay for Sheridan, the Best Cinematography, the Best Film Editing and Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Original Score but some are long shots. The realistic targeted campaign should focus on Actress for Blunt and Supporting Actor for del Toro, as well as the Cinematography and some combination of the sound categories.