21 Child Stars From The 80’s Then And Now

Ah, the 80’s. The hair, the clothes, the music, and most importantly, the movies and the tv shows that were shown. Every decade has its stars, especially stars that have come into the business very young. Two or three decades later, we end up wondering what they’ve been up to, or if they’ve been doing anything new lately. Time flies, after all. Here are some of the child stars from the much-loved tv shows and movies then and now. You’d probably be surprised to see whether they’ve aged well, aged badly, or haven’t aged at all.

1. Tracey Gold

tracey gold

She came into the business at the tender age of 4 years old, but, she made her film debut in 1982, in the movie “Shoot the Moon”. In 1985, she was then cast as Carol Seaver in the sitcom, “Growing Pains”. Since her time on the sitcom, she acted in many tv movies and released an autobiography in 2003, titled, “Room to Grow: An Appetite For Life”. In 2014, she appeared in “My Dad’s a Soccer Mom”.