19 Weirdest Face Swaps

Ah, face swaps. It’s become another app that everyone’s been downloading lately, or trend altogether, and when we say everyone, we really mean everyone! Celebrities have often been getting into the craze, if you’ve noticed them post on their twitter or instagram or facebook or snapchat pages. But while there are some hilarious face swaps, there’s also the plain bizarre, or disturbing. Some of these face swaps may have gone a little too far. Hopefully we can still manage to sleep well after seeing these face swaps gone really weird. Get ready to see some weirdness on your screen.

1. Ariel, Prince Eric And Sebastian

ariel prince eric and sebastia

The wonders of photoshop these days, with people who are good at it being able to make things look incredibly convincing, from photos to videos. The possibilities are endless nowadays with the ever so popular software. An example would be of this screencap of Sebastian, Prince Eric, and Ariel during the “Kiss the Girl” scene of the Disney movie. This face swap just makes Ariel and Prince Eric look like evolved monkeys.