18 Child Stars From The 90’s Then And Now

Ever wondered what your favorite child star from the ’90s has become? Most of them suddenly vanished and kept themselves under the radar while some of them still has a pretty decent career in Hollywood. Whatever path they chose, we could just hope that they are doing great with their individual careers. Want to know what happened to them after becoming the child stars of the 90’s? Bet you want to!

Here are 18 Child Stars From the 90’s Then and Now:

1. Mackenzie Rosman, ‘7th Heaven’ (1996-2007)


Mackenzie Rosman played the character of Ruthie Camden on the WB series 7th Heaven. Following the said TV show, Rosman landed a role in ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Apparently, the young lady grew up so fast and agreed to appear in a Maxim photo shoot.