19 Reality TV Stars With The Highest Net Worth

We sure look up to our celebrities as the people who bring laughter and fun into our households. They tend to influence us in many ways such as the way we dress and what we eat. The most influential celebrities in fact are the reality tv stars and there are a lot of times that we just tend to overlook at them and just see them for who they appear to be on screen. But little did we know that they are actually living the life that we have always dreamed of and that the net worth of these celebrities are off the hook. Let us take some time into checking some of the celebrities with definitely high net worth.

1. Jim Thurber

1 Jim Thurber

We all know Jim as a personality in American TV for his reality show called “Gold Rush” which is shown on Discovery Channel. He is actually a retired metal worker and at the same time he is also a fisherman. The thing is that Jim is actually worth about $350,000.