15 Adult Actors That Played Teenagers

When it comes to choosing the people to play different characters in a movie or TV show, casting agents consider many things. Obviously, the actor has to have talent and be available for a role. When selecting an actor for a role, age does not seem to play a part in actor selection. Many actors who are in the twenties and thirties frequently land parts as teenagers. Here are just a few of the actors who have the gift of looking young enough to play someone much younger than their actual age.

1 – Rachel McAdams


It is a major compliment to Rachel McAdams that at the age of 26 she played a high school student. In the movie, Mean Girls, when she was Regina George the queen of the mean girls, you would not know she was well into her 20s. Major props to her for doing what is necessary to maintain a youthful appearance as each year passes.