Still the Talk of the Town: Lady Gaga Describes What It’s Like to Perform at the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl 50 has officially ended. But praise for all of the performers who went out and gave it their best shot during the big soccer event is still buzzing all over the internet.

Gaga 2

Lady Gaga is by far the biggest, most critically acclaimed performer during yesterday’s Super Bowl. Her haunting rendition of the National Anthem once again proved her worthiness to be named one of the finest singers in the industry today. Her name is still all over celebrity gossip blogs, as well as entertainment news channels. Basically any social platform that talks about the Super Bowl 50 is also talking about her. And they’re not just complementing her talent; she is also being considered one of the highlights of the event – easily outshining Coldplay, who was the main performer during the anticipated half-time show.

Yes, people did tune in to the Super Bowl to see Chris Martin perform the band’s hits such as “Viva La Vida,” “Paradise,” and “Fix You,” but it was Lady Gaga’s “Star-Spangled Banner” that really got people talking.

Donning her sparkling red pantsuit (which is arguably Hillary Clinton-inspired), and her matching glittery eye shadow, the “Bad Romance” singer delivered a soulful rendition of the national anthem – a performance that can only be described as Lady Gaga slaying the song. She started out soft and calm, but finished on a high note, making sure to keep her performance centered on the meaning of the lyrics.

Following her universally-lauded performance, Gaga spoke about her mindset going into the performance. “I just thought about the lyrics and what they really mean,” she said. “They’ve been around a long time, so I thought about what they mean now, I just sang from my heart.”

Gaga 1

And that allowed her to deliver the rousing version of Star-Spangled Banner. It also helped that the people around her inspired her to keep going. “It was really amazing. The athletes were just kind of majestic standing up there, singing for the fans in the stands and all over the world, it was so cool.”

The performance was witnessed by a television audience of nearly 112 million, as well as a sold-out Levi’s Stadium, not to mention the millions of internet users who watched the clips online. “It’s kind of ancient history stuff, in the Greek and Roman history, performing for the greatest athletics in the world is the highest honor. I’m Italian and European, so for me it was such an honor as an American,” Gaga added.

She also mentioned that she made an effort to take notice of the fighter jets that soared overhead as she closed out the National Anthem. “I promised myself I was going to look up to see them, because that would be the only time.”

This is only the beginning of a very busy 2016 for Lady Gaga, as she will be back in front of a huge audience next week, as she performs a David Bowie tribute during the Grammys. Is this finally the year of Mother Monster’s big comeback to the music scene? It certainly looks like it.