John Cena is the new voice for Hulk

John Cena!!!


WWEs main event scene seeks inspiration and decided to give John Cena the voice of the Incredible Hulk. Last year, Triple H portrays the voice of the green giant and now John Cena has given the privilege to act as Hulk in the Marvel Avenge Academy. This is a new mobile game given the different earth’s mightiest heroes and no one could actually believe that John Cena is a great part of it. The game has great features and it consists of some people not related on the Marvel movies. Judging from its looks, it is seems that they just want to include beautiful people inside the game for entertainment. The game has Alison Brie as Black Widow and Alexandra Daddario as Wasp. That’s a big one! John Cena is nowhere to be compared regarding in this circumstances. Kids could have a great time to play with this game because it is a user friendly and you can really learn many lessons towards it. Playing a game with their favorite heroes is such a wonderful feeling to have.

You can also find several names that are given the chance to voice some characters on the new Marvel stable of heroes. Some voice includes Colton Haynes as the Mighty Thor, Dave Franco as Iron Man, Kierman Shipka as Spider Women and many more. Since the game is out in the market, it is really expected that kids will be having some fun playing this type of application. They are inspired mostly of the time seeking talents regarding on their fantasize heroes and this might provide some help. The 15-time WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, John Cena is given the chance to portray as Hulk in the Marvel Avengers Academy, John Cena is well known for his strength and appearance for his fans. He has already been known a lot from the WWE and extending this project to voice out Hulk is considered as another achievement for him. The software developer may pick John Cena because of the same physical appearance with Hulk. Strength and muscles are the number one issue here and the voice of course!


If you also want to play the game then you can always start download it to your iOS App Store and Google Play. This is a safe way to patronize your models in a cartooned game. The game allows players to study and look forward at the Avengers Academy. Mostly, your heroes will live during school days and interact along with different types of heroes. You need to manage your character on how to join classes, create romance and commit social life in the game. You can also fight with villains if they will appear in the scene. Marvel provides a great job to create this game for kids because this will be a simple lesson for them on how to interact with people and saving the world through eliminating bad guys. This is a simple thought on how to train kids to be the next leaders of the country.