New Suicide Squad Trailer Have Fans Going Crazy Excited

We’re sure you’ve seen the latest trailer for Suicide Squad, and we’re sure you loved it. But just in case you haven’t witnessed this particular piece of cinematic masterpiece, you should go ahead and watch it. We’ll wait for you to go crazy over it – just like everybody else!

Suicide Squad 2

Completely going the opposite road when compared to the first official Suicide Squad trailer, this new version portrays the scenes as light-hearted, action-packed, but with the right amount of darkness to hook in the more serious fans.

Suicide Squad is DC’s answer to the on-going Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while it may be far behind Marvel’s gigantic film series, Suicide Squad might just have the right formula to start competing. See, the MCU (or Marvel Cinematic Universe) has introduced a lot of big superhero names, who have become pop icons in their own right, following the release of Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But DC’s Suicide Squad isn’t a superhero team. They consist of bad guys. “The worst of the worst,” as Viola Davis’s character describes them. And it would be an interesting thing to see a group of villains trying to team up for a good cause – even if they have perfectly selfish reasons for agreeing to do so.

And the new trailer does a good job of sharing everything we need to know, without spoiling too much about the film’s plot. In fact, despite all those incredible action scenes featured, we still have no idea who’s the main villain for the story. We don’t even know what’s going to happen, and that leaves us with enough curiosity to watch the film – now that is an effective trailer.

Plenty of positive reactions were directed at the creative use of the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. People praised its seamless melding into the heart-pounding scenes. And who doesn’t love Bohemian Rhapsody? The trailer got bonus points the moment we heard “is this the real life?”

There’s comedy, there’s action, there’s plenty of background information about the characters.

Suicide Squad 1

Killer Croc is described by Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) saying: “He’s a crocodile and he eats people.”

“Burns people,” he says about El Diablo.

As for Will Smith’s character Deadshot: “He… shoots people.”

There’s another good scene depicting Joker’s (insane) love interest Harley Quinn, wherein the voices in her head tell her to kill everyone and escape. But she laughs, saying it’s just a joke…and that it wasn’t what the voices really said.

And speaking of the Joker, DC fans are already praising Jared Leto’s depiction of Batman’s infamous nemesis, despite only seeing him in a few scenes. Our favorite line of his is: “I can’t wait to show you my toys.” We can’t wait either, Joker.

So now the big debate is who the main antagonist will be, since no one is convinced it’s gonna be the Joker. The big theory now is that the villain will have magical powers (thus explaining some of the demonic entities shown in the trailer) – therefore pointing to Cara Delevigne’s characters Enchantress, who we think isn’t actually part of the Suicide Squad and is only endorsed as such to mislead us.

The only way to find out is by watching the movie, and it’s going to be released in August this year. We can’t wait!