17 Hilarious Times Customer Service Outrolled Trolls

If only people from customer service could rant back to whining customers, the world might just be a more interesting place. And perhaps there would be less rude and perpetually complaining customers. Guess what? Someone’s doing a great job trolling grumbling customers on Facebook! His sole purpose is to give a hilarious feedback to complaining patrons and shoppers and he goes by the name “Customer Service.”

Check out just how “Customer Service” troll out customers who post the most absurd objections to social media. And just a little reminder, don’t mistake him as the real representative!

1. Doing Shopping With a Rifle… or a Baguette


We prefer the latter though. It’s an equally effective tool to fend off protesters without actually being violent. Ben Green and those who have the same thought as his ought to take this one seriously.