15 Most Disliked Women in Hollywood

Most people hope others succeed. At the same time when a woman finds success, people seem to turn against them. The question is does success change the women people hate, justifying the hate. Do people hate successful women just because they are successful? It might be a combination of the two in some cases. In the list of women below, sometimes people have justifiable reasons why they dislike a woman in Hollywood. They may deem the woman as being too full of herself and overly demanding. Other woman on this list lost their way and turned to horrible behavior. What do you think of the list of the women below? Do you think people are justified in disliking them or is this a case of jealousy rearing its ugly head yet again?

1 – Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow has serious acting chops. What she does not have is the respect of many people. She seems to enjoy talking down to other mothers. She has made claims that the average mother does not know what it is like to struggle. She definitely has some skewed perceptions of reality, which cause many to dislike her.