19 Horrifying Mannequins That Will Give You Nightmares

Leave it to the horror movies for ruining how see mannequins. Mannequins had always set a rather unrealistic standard when it came to fashion. If it doesn’t look good on the mannequin, it most certainly look good on us. But then the horror flicks and tv shows started going on, especially about the whole “what if the mannequin suddenly came alive” thing came up. It was safe to say that we couldn’t sleep at night after watching those. But there came a policy that changed the fashion game forever. Bringing in or manufacturing mannequins that are sized realistically. But before we get into the pleasantly surprising subject of real-sized mannequins, let’s pause from that and check out those super disturbing ones. After all, even after the holidays, people are up for a good scare.

1. The Sassy Thin Person

the sassy thin person

Well, this one isn’t exactly scary, but really more on funny to look at and posed differently that we thought we’d include here. The way the hands are formed and positioned look like they need someone to give them a low five or a butt to smack while they walk away.