Photo of woman breast-feeding with Santa goes viral

Woman said that she sees breastfeeding as a normal thing that no one should comment about…


We see a lot of feminists out there and they are all trying to fight for the same thing: Women. We all know that since then, women haven’t had the rights as men have and women has been viewed as a helper in the household and just a wife that cannot do anything. And since women has earned the right to do the same things men do, like vote, study, and be able to get a decent work, they have evolved to be such great people that they have even became role models that people will be idolizing and people will be copying. A lot of things has happened ever since, but there is still some racial things that make women become someone that is unable to fight because they are just seen as either object, or a weak person. But we all know that women aren’t as weak as before, and they are still trying to maintain and balance out everything that they have to do, and most of the people that do so, are successful on what they are trying to achieve.

And as someone that has been fighting for a reason, a woman in St. Catherines has been photographed along with Saint Nicholas of Niagara Square Shopping Mall, Nursing her child. Surely, it’s not a very odd thing, to nurse your child, but doing it in public is rather unnatural since we don’t see many women do that nowadays. There have been clinics made in shopping malls that are just made for these women that have baby needs. But, Rebecca was not able to go to any of those clinics because she said that she has been caught in the moment. She and her child was in the middle of the line when her child, Caleb, who was a twin and just over a year old, said that he wanted to eat. But you see, Caleb has this attitude that is a very problematic for his mother.


“I was standing in line, and my one son is the type that if he doesn’t eat when he’s decided he has to eat, he turns into a little monster, He will scream and throw himself on the floor and throw a little temper tantrum.” said Rebecca. In any other case, that would be fine, but Rebecca has been in line and there is only two people in front of her before she decided to nurse Caleb. She said that she did think about it and said that she simply just thought that it will be funny.

“I’m just very pro-breast,” she stressed. “I like to normalize breast-feeding, and I do know that sitting on Santa’s lap is not normal for breastfeeding. It was kind of tongue-in-cheek, just being a little bit silly, just saying let’s have a cute picture. I think it turned out hilarious with Santa making the face.”

“I’m very covered; you see a lot of people with a lot more showing,” she said at her home with her husband and children.

“It’s not me trying to get attention to have my breast stuck out. I didn’t expect it to become that viral, or I probably would not have posted it online.”

“In my mind, it shouldn’t cause much comment one way or the other. Breastfeeding should be so accepted that no one should feel the need to comment.”