15 Gothic Movies That You’ll Love

We all love watching a good film which gets us a little bit freaked out, don’t we? Whether it is a film you have already seen and you are waiting to see how scared your friends get, or if you hiding behind your sofa begging for the film to be turned off, it is fair to say that the horror and gothic film genres have created some of the most electric and memorable films ever.

1) Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror


Nosferau is truly a cornerstone film which could even be given the title as the film that created what is the modern day Horror genre, and if wasn’t for Max Schreck’s performance and an early screen vamp in this silent art of work, then many other ground breaking movies such as Dracula might never have even happened! When it was first released, it was so scary for the modern audience that it was initialled banned from the UK after being refused a certificate by British censors, and also survived a lawsuit which saw several negatives being destroyed. if you want to start understanding gothic movies, then it is essential you start with this one.