New York Photographer’s Mistake Works Out to His Advantage and Goes Viral

Beautiful accidents happen and this is one of it…


Remember that one time that you have put chemical X to the sugar, spice, and everything nice concoction? Well, that turned out really well, and those three girls have even saved the world. And you know what I’m talking about, right? Its Powerpuff Girls and they have been a hit with the Millenials. No Millenial would be forgetting those big-eyed girls. And that was what the Professor claim a mistake. The chemical was just an accident, and like Professor, we have all made mistakes in our lives and that has probably resulted to us being such free people that we wouldn’t be able to give it up. We might have even put more chocolate in our hot choco today (though it might be on purpose) and it tasted good and made our day. Those little things are just normal, and that is just what this New York Photographer just did. He was just chillin’, and sitting there, waiting for a great shot. He even went to places to even get the best shots that he has been trying to get. But little did he know that the best shot he was looking for only takes creativity, skill, luck, timing, and a little bit of an accident. And we all know that this is not actually the ingredients that we need to take great pictures, we can still do it with our own skills.

Jody Grenier is a Photographer and he has been able to take great pictures with his Sony DSLR. And when he was staying in Syracuse, he will visit every great spot that will be great for a photograph, every morning. He would be repeating the same thing to capture the essence of the city that he considers his second home. But little did he know that one morning, at 5:30 am of November 30, he was there for a very special shot. Propped on his side is the camera and as he got out of his car parked near Clinton Square, it started to drizzle rain, but he is going to capture his best shot ever.


“I got out (of my car) and some rain had fallen onto my lens. I had a brain mistake, and I didn’t wipe my lens clean, hence the effect of the picture. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see all those rain spots and a kind of a soft mistiness to it. That’s actually me forgetting to wipe my lens off,” Grenier said.

“Basically, the shot was a mistake”, Grenier said. And it seemed that the mist that was seen in the photograph just made it even dreamier. The place is dreamy enough with the architecture and with all the great scenery. Surely, he wouldn’t be having just this one shot one of his best.

“On a side note, even though Syracuse is not exactly a destination city, I do consider it my second home. If an opportunity arises for you to shoot on location there, Syracuse has some of the most beautiful, vintage and gothic architecture throughout the city; I would highly recommend it.”