Lone soldier reunites with old friend in viral video

Care and share that’s a lovely pair…


We have all probably know how hard it is to miss someone special in our lives. And even when the people are not significant others, we will still be missing our friends and families. We don’t know why exactly that happens, but that is just proof of how much people care for each other and that is how much people are able to love. Its very mysterious on how love works, but we do know one thing, we have been living with it ever since, and we have been able to feel it and share it to others. Although some people would be having a hard time, psychology thinks that people are capable of love, and people are not even aware of it at times. And that means that we have loved each other without ever noticing it. And when we do notice, that’s when the urge to help and care for someone. That happens and even when we don’t even know them, we are linked to each other because of the love and the familiarity of humanity in them.

So, that was kind of deep, but anyway, there has been a second video by a lone soldier that was posted on Facebook. Elisha Levy was just out for a long week of vacation and the Briton has been a lone soldier of the IDF for several years. You may have known him since he has made a first video that has also gone viral in the internet. Anyway, this video is of him and a friend having a very special and heartwarming reunion. He decided to surprise his friend who was in Kisharon, a school and home for people of all ages with disabilities in Golders Green, London.

Levy, who is now 21 years old, has been volunteering in the school when he was just a boy of 15 years old. He was fine being a volunteer and he has been able to make friends with the people around him. After three years of service, he was hired to be a Jewish life coordinator. It was his life before he enlisted to the army. And with his friend unknowingly sat there, he walked in the room and there was a surprise for his friend. A staff from Kisharon has filmed the event and Levy’s friend was seen jumping onto him and moving him to a tight hug. Clearly, they have been good friends and happiness is very evident in his friend’s expression and voice.


“After a year and a half away from England I decided to surprise a very close and special friend….his first words were, ‘Is moshiach [the messiah] here then?” as I had explained I was going to fight a war to bring moshiach!” He wrote as caption.

But that wasn’t the only thing that he has seen in the whole thing. Due to his viral videos, he is thinking that his popularity will make a huge help with him delivering a special message. “It’s got me to thinking that I can get important messages out. For instance, Mail Online’s coverage of the latest video is actually an opportunity to show the world that IDF soldiers are not just robots, that we are an army of young people who have lives outside the army, that we give up our normal lives for several years to protect the country,” he said.

“I have a dream to open a huge complex in Israel to serve people with disabilities that would be staffed by young volunteers from within the country and from abroad,” he said.