‘Heroic’ Football Player, 15, Killed After Jumping In Front of Three Girls During Shooting

Bravery was prominent in this boy…


We all know that we usually hear stuff in the news about how many people are fighting and are trying to achieve something in their lives. We all know that we know how they feel and we understand that the whole world is full of evil things. But despite of all the things that seem to be holding us down, we are trying to make the world a much better place. You hear those superheroes that would say that they will project the world with all their might? That even if its hard to keep their identities hidden, they would still do it. It takes courage and bravery. And only a few people have those traits and its too bad that they won’t be able to share it with more people.

Those two traits are present in a special boy. He was such a good young man, as everyone was saying. He doesn’t deserve of what happened to him and but he was still able to be a hero for three girls. Police said that Zaevion Dobson was in a group of people fired on at about 10:15 p.m. local time Thursday, in Knoxville. It was due to a series of attacks that has happened earlier that day. The gunmen have been identified, but one of them has been killed. It seemed that they were drunk and was under the influence of drugs at the time. It was such an even that even a 46 year-old woman was shot in the very first attacks.

What had happened to the 15 year-old boy has devastated many. He was well loved and many thought that he would be living the great life ahead of him. He was a great football player and was loved by all. No one wanted this to happen to him, and the whole town mourned for his lost.


“He’s a sophomore and already successful, already leading a life that’s contagious, that people follow,” Dobson’s Fulton County High School coach, Rob Black, told WVLT. “[He was] so very liked by his peers and his teachers and his teammates. And that makes him successful.” His rather bright future was abruptly taken away from him, and along with it was his life. The three girls that he protected would be forever in his favor and owes them their lives. They wouldn’t be forgetting Dobson for his heroic act.

“We want you to know that Zaevion was an outstanding young man who will always be remembered as a hero,” his football team tweeted.

His brother Zack was with him when he was shot. He has seen such a horrific event and hi brother died in his arms.

“We were just sitting on the porch chillin’, and we see these random dudes walking up,” Dobson’s older brother, Zack, told WBIR.


“I’m shocked. I’m really just shocked. I can’t believe it, can’t get it across my head,” Zack told the station.


“Zae, he was an awesome kid, awesome brother,” Zack said. “Just know that I miss him. I miss my brother.”