Celebs Gone Crazy: 14 Stars Who Lost Their Minds!

The combination of fame and fortune often leads to a dark and crazy road. Some celebrities have been consumed by fame while some of them simply cannot deal with pressure. With unlimited cash and drugs and alcohol available just around the corner, it isn’t very difficult to figure out that some of our favorite stars resort to these substances as their own escape.

Let’s check out 14 of the biggest names in Hollywood who ended up really crazy.

1. Angelina Jolie


It’s a good thing that Angie is back on track and doing really well in her chosen field, but back in the days, she was a real wild child. Younger Angelina Jolie was never shy to display her craziness, which got her family and friends worried. The actress was fascinated with black and all the dark things. In fact, she used to write her name using her own blood! And when she gets too ecstatic, she’ll go French kissing her brother.