19 Pro Sports Players Who Passed Away Young

The life of a professional sports star can be amazing and fast paced, however it often requires individuals who are in peak conditions which results in a rather short career. For some, their career is cut even shorter than their compatriots and there have been many cases of young men and women loosing their lives either playing the sport they loved or through various other tragic events.

1) Chuck Hughes


While running up to the huddle, Hughes collapsed so dramatically that everyone thought he was faking it until the bears’ Dick Butkus frantically starting waving for medical help. The result was Chuck becoming the first and only NHL player to ever die of the field during a game, and died of atherosclerosis which caused a blood clot and his quick and painful death. Unbelievable, doctors had failed to diagnose his condition during several visits to the hospital and his wife went on to file a lawsuit against the hospital.