Photo of man calling out panhandlers who refuse job offer goes viral

When kindness is rejected, what happens?


We have all probably saw a lot of people giving away kindness and good deeds. We don’t have any problem with that, and we all know that its one person less of having been able to be saved and even small acts can change a life. We all know that much and whenever we see someone being nice in the news, we instantly see that one soul is saved by the kindness that the other person has given him. It might not all be like that, but it will eventually happen. Perseverance is there to save the day and even patience is supporting it.

But we rarely see someone reject a kind act. We all know that people would also take advantage of the moment, given the chance, but these two youngsters are not having any of that kindness. We might think that “what were they thinking?” and “are they insane?” Well, trust me, I have thought of the same thing as well. These guys are just proof that people are living in an unfiltered world on which the unnecessary stuff and the bad stuff are mixed with the good stuff and they won’t want to budge.

In Muscatine, Iowa, panhandlers are rather a common sight that is seen in a matter of several days a week, all because that they are allowed to stand and sit there all day. They wouldn’t be taken away if they are not aggressive, but it doesn’t mean that they are not able to say and do anything. And when a kind-hearted Mike Pothoff has seen two young boys who he sees there in a regular basis, he approached them and said that he wants to hire them. But when the boys heard it, they did the unthinkable, and declined.


“I said, ‘You’re hired,’ and they said, ‘Well, we’re not from around here.’ And I said, ‘Well, you’re here now,’ and then they just smirked,” Pothoff said. What kind of person in their right minds would decline an offer that was given to them without ever making major effort? All they did was stand there and they have a job. Some people would even go out of their way just to land a job, and these guys are even declining an offer!

Anyway, whatever is the reason, it’s all left to our imaginations. But it didn’t happen on only the first time. Pothoff also saw them again over the course of a weekend and has offered them again a job at his business, and again, they declined, they must have been insane or at least not thankful. But when Pothoff came back in the area, he was with a sign that says, “Offered these guys a job. They said no. Don’t give them money.” Sounds like a devious thing, but in Pothoff’s defense, “If they’re going to stand out there and hold a sign and ask for money and say they’re homeless, I can hold a sign out there saying I offered these guys a job, don’t give them money,” and certainly they can.

“There are a lot of women and kids that aren’t going to have a lot for Christmas – might not have anything – and it upsets me that we have younger kids, or people that can work, that are doing that.” He was upset of the encounter, but he is still keeping the offer open and will be doing it more than once even when he has been rejected by others like them.