Bike post goes viral and lucky young girl rides away happy

A Bike for Christmas…


Christmas is coming and as far as other people are concerned, they are too busy making cards and buying gifts for their family and friends. Not all people will be able to think of other and give away stuff for the people in need for this Christmas. And as we all know, not a lot of people can afford to give gifts this holiday season and it’s such a sad thing. Not all people car and they would, most of the time, make excuses just to not have the time to think of others. But there will still be those people that are kind enough and generous enough to think and give gifts to those who need them. Not all are capable of doing it, as we said because even when they did think about all those homeless people that are not able to buy enough food for the holidays, they may also not able to even afford to give them something that can change their lives. But we, as a team do suggest that everyone should consider and take those little actions of giving food even a small portion of what you have. It’s because everything that you do for them counts and they will be more than happy to accept anything that you give.

And as a kind heart will be whenever they see or hear that someone is struggling, they will always like to help and reach out to the people involved. And these people might also be inspired by all the things that they see. And that is what happened to a woman Jo Lewis in Toowoomba. She was inspired by a story that she read and that woman in the story lost her bike. And it was just at the same time when her kids have that one small bike that they were not using anymore.


She said that she initially thought to sell it on ebay or something like that. But with the story, she immediately thought of giving it a way to a family. She eventually reached out to Facebook of her intention and posted: “I would like to give this bike away to someone who is struggling this Christmas,” she wrote.”Not someone who wastes money on cigarettes but to someone whose kids really need it.”

With a lot of kids telling Santa that they want a bike for Christmas, it was expected that a lot of people contacted her and she was just going to pick one from all of them. But unfortunately, all of them just wanted the bike, but they are not struggling enough for her perspective. But after a while of searching, she then found who she was looking for. She found a family on which their daughter was in an accident and almost drowned. She has been hospitalized for weeks and her dad even lost his job. She felt compassion and decided to give it to the little girl.

“I can tell they are genuine and were suggested by a lovely lady.” As she decided to give it to them. And with that, we can say that they all are now living happily ever after.