ADOT’s Star Wars themed message goes viral

The Dark side is looming out there…


When the Star Wars Saga went crazy, so are the people who have watched it. And as fans of the Infamous movie, we are more than happy to see that the fans are coming together to make everything a better place. And of course, it’s all thanks to the Star Wars. You may or may have not seen these signs in the valley freeways but these exact signs have been captured and have been trending on Twitter. We all understand why. Not only the ADOT was able to make everyone be reminded of all the safety precautions they have to be aware of, they are also made happy with the campaign of the Arizona agency. So that an interesting catch. Everyone who loves Star Wars are definitely thrilled to see that there are a lot of people that can also feel their excitements with the upcoming Star Wars film. So people are not only excited, they are going crazy and that film must also stand up to their expectations. And clearly the new one must have been made in a greater quality because, yo, its 2015, going to 2016, and we all must be good with the editing now, right?

Anyway, there were over a hundred signs of different Star Wars themed messages that were plastered onto these message boards and all in the valley freeways. And people have been clearly happy upon seeing the hilarious signs and started taking pictures and posting them on Twitter. Messages are different and even though people are taking pictures, the ADOT is still worried because people are taking pictures of their message boards while driving1 (some does so anyway). And they said that they don’t want that because it just practically ruins their campaign and people must also try to get their shit together and stop their hands from clicking that shutter button.


“A lot of people are excited about the Star Wars movie so at the same time we want to capture that and get people talking about that, and have a safety message involved,” said ADOT spokesperson Doug Nintzel.

Do all the people here agree that “Aggressive Driving is the Path to the Dark side?” And we think that the answer will be yes. According to ADOT there is a 30% of the accidents in the freeway are all because of over speeding and driving like no one is there. It may sound fun and may build up the adrenaline, but those accidents may also result to fatalities. They decided to bring some fun with their signs so people will notice, but definitely they didn’t expect this to go as it went.

You’re going to be sharing the highways with a lot of other people out there, so take the message to heart, aggressive driving is the path to the dark side,” he said. We all must agree, because it’s the dark side and we all don’t want to go there, right? In any case, this is such a refreshing change to all those normal and plain signs that we see in every road. Let’s just hope that many more agencies will enjoy the fun.