21 Secrets About Andy Griffith

When Andy Griffith died on the 3rd of July 2012, the world lost one of your first ever T.V icons, a man who transcended his own humble southern background and established him firmly in the hearts of the American public. Much has been written about his life but yet, being a quiet and retiring man, there was much about him that was never made public, many interesting snippets from the life this much loved celebrity.  Here are some of the lesser known facts about Andy Griffith that just may have slipped your attention.

1. He shares a birthday with another famous American

The 1st of June 1926 is a date that will forever be preserved in American celebrity folklore, being not the birth date of Andy Griffith but also another superstar who was Christened Norma Jeane Baker but more commonly known as the late, great Marilyn Monroe.